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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Compatibility with Cisco 7925G VoIP Phone

Cisco 7925G VoIP phones require specific settings to inter-operate with Meraki MR access points configured with WPA2-PSK association requirements. For more in-depth information on integrating Cisco 792xG with MR Access Points, see the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 792xG + Cisco Meraki  Wireless LAN Deployment Guide.

Cisco 7925G configuration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network Profiles.
  2. Choose the wireless profile.
  3. Choose WLAN Config.


Please ensure the WLAN settings are as follows:

  • Call Power Save Mode = None.
  • Security Mode = AKM.
  • 802.11 Mode = 802.11b/g or 802.11a. Do not use Auto-a, Auto-b/g, or Auto RSSI.

Meraki Dashboard configuration

  1. Navigate to Wireless > Configure > Access Control.
  2. Choose the desired SSID from the SSID drop-down menu.
  3. Association requirements should be set to "Pre-shared key with WPA2" and a key should be input.

2017-07-17 15_54_05-Access Control Configuration - Meraki Dashboard.png

2017-07-17 15_55_43-Access Control Configuration - Meraki Dashboard.png

Note: There is a bug in the earlier Cisco 7925 firmwares which causes the handsets to fail RADIUS authentication. There is another issue with earlier Cisco 7925 firmwares that cause issues with roaming. It is advised to use firmware version 1.4.8 or later where these issues are resolved.

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