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MR Radio Turned Off (Deep Sleep)

Cisco Meraki has added a solution for the general public where the user is allowed to turn off the WiFi radios (bands 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) on the access points, without losing connectivity to the cloud. Getting the AP into a "deep sleep" state.

Of course this leads to have clients unable to connect and the SSID not to broadcast. However, This will help to comply with some countries that recently enforced new laws to turn off WiFi transmissions.

Also,  it can be used for saving power when Access Points are in non working hours.

This feature is supported from firmware MR28.5 and on.

This setting is applied per RF Profile, through an API call.

In order to be able to use this API, Mesh needs to be disabled (since turning off the radio might orphan Access Points that were in repeater mode). This can be done under Network-Wide > Configure > General > Meshing > "Meshing Disabled" on dashboard.

To verify the right setting or state of the profile the following API can be used:


Where the important key for this is: 

'transmission': {'enabled': true}


In order to set this parameter through an API call (PUT) use:


The correct key in the body of the API must be:

transmission = {"enabled": false})

FInd an interesting use case here

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