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MT12 Leak Cable Replacement FAQ



Updated - May 16th 2022

In 2021, we discovered that all MT12 leak detection cables that have been built were not properly manufactured to specification. As a result, some cables may appear to work correctly, but there is no guarantee that the presence of water will be reported successfully every time.

All 8ft MT12 water leak detection cables(MA-CBL-LEAK-1) sold as an accessory could be impacted, regardless of the firmware version. 

No, we are only aware of a specific issue affecting the leak detection cable on the MT12. 

Customers are receiving a replacement cable, free of charge, with instructions on how to complete the replacement. This new cable has been thoroughly tested and will accurately report the presence of water. The replacement cables have begun shipping. If you have any questions about when to expect your replacement, please reach out to your account manager. 

Note that some customers will receive a green cable, and some will receive a white cable. Both cables will work with your current MT12-HW device. Simply remove your old cable and plug in your new cable into your MT12-HW device to complete your replacement.

Since we cannot guarantee that the existing cables will accurately report the presence of water every time, we recommend customers stop relying on the MT12s immediately until you have received your new cable. 

The issue was discovered during internal testing of the cables. 

We do not have any reason to believe the cables pose any safety risks to customers beyond an inability to detect a water leak.

There is not a test that can provide accurate results. As a result, we are recommending all customers stop using the MT12 sensors immediately. 

Orders can still be placed for MT12s. However, orders will not be fulfilled until MT12s with new and properly functioning cables are in inventory. 

MT12 RMAs will not be fulfilled at this time. Customers can instead request a refund or wait for a working unit.

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