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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Verifying a Successful Client VPN Connection

There are three primary ways to determine if the client VPN connection is successfully connected to an MX:

  • Check the device for connection status using common network utilities (this will vary depending on the operating system being used). 
  • The event log contains entries each time a client connects or disconnects from client VPN. These logs can be viewed from Monitor > Event log. Deselect all event categories except VPN, then click on the Search button. Client VPN logs will have one of two event types: VPN client connected or VPN client disconnected. Here is an example set of log messages that show a client connecting and then disconnecting from client VPN:
Jun 27 12:24:53 05:00:08:ab:cd:ef VPN client disconnected remote_ip: 174.X.X.X, user_id: administrator, local_ip: 
Jun 27 12:24:38 05:00:08:ab:cd:ef VPN client connected remote_ip: 174.X.X.X, user_id: administrator, local_ip:
  • The client list can also be used to see if a client is currently connected to client VPN. Browse to Monitor > Clients in the dashboard. Add an additional column by clicking on the "+" button and select MAC address. Clients can then be filtered by "N/A (client VPN)" as the MAC address.  
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