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The Security & SD-WAN > Monitor > Route table page provides status information about configured routes. It contains the following columns:

  • Status: Indicates whether the destination is reachable using the route. Green indicates that all routes to the destination subnet are working properly, while Red indicates that all routes are down and the subnet is unreachable. Yellow appears only for subnets that have multiple routes, and indicates that one or more routes are down but there are still working routes that can be used to reach the subnet. Grey only appears for a route to a Non-Meraki VPN peer, but does not indicate whether the route is active or not. Mouse over the indicator for more details about the connectivity state and forwarding state of the route.
  • Subnet: The destination subnet that is being routed to.
  • Name: The VLAN name or static route description associated with the subnet. For Meraki AutoVPN subnets, the Name field will show the Dashboard network name of the remote appliance as well as the VLAN name or static route description.
  • Type: The route type being used to reach the destination subnet. If there are multiple routes to the subnet, the number of routes will be shown here.
  • Next hop: This is the IP address of the next hop routing device to which the MX sends its traffic for the Subnet. If it is an AutoVPN route, the Next hop will be the name of the Dashboard network for the AutoVPN peer.

Click on routes in the route table to see historical route status to the right of the page.

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