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Cisco Meraki

MX100 Scheduled Firmware Upgrade Cancellation - 4/27/2023


Cisco Meraki discovered an issue when performing firmware upgrades on MX100s running deprecated firmware.

Who is affected?

Affected Models 

  • MX100s running firmware lower than version MX 16.16 

Affected Versions

  • MX 17.10.5

  • MX 18.1.07

What is the result?

If an MX100 with version MX 16.16 firmware or below is upgraded to either of the affected firmware versions listed above, the device will go into an unrecoverable state.

What is Meraki doing about it?

To prevent any further MX100s from being affected, we will be canceling currently–scheduled and future firmware upgrades for MX100s running firmware version MX 16.16 or below.

A solution has been found to prevent the issue and will be included in the next firmware build.


17.10.6 and 18.107.1 is available and has the fix for the issue.

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