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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Cisco Secure Connect - Clientless Remote Access (ZTNA)


Client-less Remote Access or Browser Access allows you to leverage a web browser for user authentication and application access without requiring users to install the client on their devices. This is currently limited to web-based applications. Client-less remote access can simplify how users access private applications while working remotely. It also provides a solution to situations such as the following:

  • Control user access to applications on devices with operating systems that Cisco Secure Client does not currently support.
  • Provide third-party access to your private applications on devices that might not be owned or managed by your company (e.g., contractor or partner-owned devices)

Each user and device is verified and validated by a Browser Access Policy before access is permitted to an application or resource. The verification is granular per session. Users have the freedom to connect from anywhere with any policy-compliant device.

Use the articles below to get more detailed information on architecture and policy.