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Cisco+ Secure Connect - Internet Access Policies


For internet access, Cisco+ Secure Connect has four main policy categories – DNS, Firewall, Web and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).  This allows you to apply granular access control, while maximizing performance. If you are not familiar with service components in the Cisco+ Secure Connection solution, please review the Secure Internet Access section on the solution overview that can be found here.

SIG Policy Flow.png

Cisco+ Secure Connect has implemented two things to help you get started with Internet Access Policies.

  1. There are pre-defined DNS, Firewall and Web.   These default policies ensure that all identities within your organization receive a minimum of level protection. They are applies to all identities and cannot be deleted. You can, however, configure them to meet your organization's unique requirements. If you have created additional policies, then the default policies will be applied when there are no other policy matches for that identity.
  2. If you are using Meraki MX appliances, policies from the MX can be imported into Cisco+ Secure Connect to centralize policy management.

It is important that you plan and test your policies before you start implementing them across your organization.  It is recommended that you read through these policy sections of our documentation in full.  Additional overview information on policies can be found in the Cisco Umbrella documentation.



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