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Cisco Secure Connect


Cisco Secure Connect is a unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) product designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience with minimal effort by securely connecting users, things, and applications seamlessly from anywhere. It combines networking, security, and unified visibility with client and branch office connectivity in a single, turnkey SASE solution that is quick to deploy and easy to manage - reducing costs and complexity, enabling digital business, and increasing staff effectiveness. All this is configured and managed through a unified, easy-to-use interface powered by the Cisco Meraki dashboard, enabling your organization to enjoy a simple, secure, and agile hybrid work experience that improves worker efficiency and productivity, while keeping security threats off your network.  

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Use Cases

Secure Remote Access

  • Securely connect remote workers to your private applications that are hosted in your data centers or private clouds through client-based or clientless (browser-based) remote access services.
  • Apply policies by user or group to ensure least-privileged access private applications.

Secure Internet Access

  • Enhance Internet security for users, private applications and IoT devices with cloud-based advance protection from malware, phishing attacks, and other threats for both in-office and remote workers.
  • Enforce Internet usage policies and manage access to public SaaS-based applications.

Site Interconnect

  • Interconnect sites, users, and applications with native Cisco Meraki® Secure SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN (vManage) integration, standard IPSec VPN support and direct SaaS and IaaS Peering.

Package Options

Secure Connect is available in two packages, Complete and Foundation. Secure Connect Complete is a full SASE solution providing secure internet and private application access to user located in your branch offices and working remotely.  Secure Connect Foundation provides secure internet and private application access for users located at branch offices only.  More information on both packages can be found here.

Pre-onboarding Checklist

Setting up Secure Connect will require some information about your network and applications.  To streamline the setup process, it is recommended to go through the Secure Connect Pre-onboarding Checklist, which can be found here.

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to setup Secure Connect.  Note some are optional depending on the use cases you plan to implement.

  1. Secure Connect solution overview
  2. Setup your Secure Connect account
  3. Connect sites to the Secure Connect cloud
  4. Configure Identity Provider (IdP) for end-user authentication 
    • Required for Clientless and Client-based Remote Access
    • Can be applied to enable some features in Secure Internet Access
  5. Configure client-based remote access service (Available on a trial basis to Secure Connect Foundation customers)
  6. Define private applications and configure application and network access policies 
    • Required for Clientless Remote Access
    • Can be applied to enhance security for Client-based Remote Access and Site Interconnect.
  7. Configure clientless (browser-based) remote access - ZTNA (Secure Connect Complete only)
  8. Configure internet usage and security policies