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Cisco+ Secure Connect - Manage the Data Loss Prevention Policy

Manage the Data Loss Prevention Policy

Presently DLP policies are being configured on the Cisco Umbrella dashboard and need to navigate to Umbrella dashboard from Cisco+ Secure Connect

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The Data Loss Prevention policy monitors content classified as personally identifiable or sensitive information. When necessary, content is blocked from an upload or a post. There is only one data loss prevention policy. Rules are added to the policy to define what traffic to monitor (identities and destinations), the data classifications that require monitoring, and whether content should be blocked or only monitored. For example, an office may want to monitor its network for file uploads that include credit card numbers, because the uploads are a breach of company privacy and security policies. A rule designed to monitor the network and uploads to domains can block these files.


  • HTTPS Inspection must be enabled either on the Web Default Policy, or at least one web policy ruleset where the same identity is configured in a DLP rule. For example, if the identity "Network A" is configured for a DLP rule, it must also be configured for a web policy ruleset where HTTPS is enabled. For more information, see HTTPS Inspection.

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