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Cisco Meraki

Cisco+ Secure Connect - Users ( Meraki Cloud Auth/ IdP )

Cisco+ Secure Connect enables customers to either bring their own SAML provider for end-user authentication to the service or use the bundled cloud-identity platform for easy configuration of users and quick onboarding of the service. Cloud-identity capability can be leveraged by customers who don’t have a SAML IdP configured or do not want to use their existing SAML IdP for the user authentication to access the service. The cloud-identity capability can be configured through a few easy steps from the Cisco+ Secure Connect dashboard, or an existing Meraki cloud Auth configuration can be simply applied to the service with a single click.   


Meraki Cloud Auth 


  • For existing customers, continue using Meraki Cloud Auth as a cloud-based identity source in Cisco+ Secure Connect​

  • New customers can use the built-in Meraki CloudAuth , with one-click integration​

  • Apply network access policies to Meraki Cloud Auth users

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