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Cisco+ Secure Connect - Identity Provider Setup

Cisco+ Secure Connect -  Identity Provider Setup

Typically, user authentication to your network and applications is managed by the identity provider (IdP). Cisco+ Secure Connect supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication. This allows Cisco+ Secure Connect to securely integrate with your IdP to provide SSO for those users that need access to private applications through remote access or browser-based access (ZTNA) services.

Cisco+ Secure Connect establishes a trust relationship with the IdP and which allows users to authenticate with their existing credentials.  Any changes made in your IdP are immediately synced with Cisco+ Secure Connect. If you add an account or change a password in your IdP, it is immediately reflected in your login. Only the username (email address) is stored in Cisco+ Secure Connect.  The email address in Cisco+ Secure Connect plus must always match between your IdP.

If you are existing Meraki Cloud Auth customers, do not have a IdP, or do not want to use your existing IdP for the user authentication, the Meraki Cloud Auth platform can be used. It is simple to setup and has a quick 1-click integration with Cisco+ Secure Connect.

IdP Setup.png

Use the links to below to integrate your IdP solution with Secure Connect.


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