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Accelerated Navigation with Search

With Accelerated Navigation via Search, you can search for a page using a list of designated keywords, in addition to page title. 

Navigation Search

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You can find "Search menu” at the bottom of the left navigation below the menu sections. When you click on the “Search menu” box, the search bar appears. You can can also bring up the Accelerated Navigation search box via keyboard shortcut "cmd k" for mac, and "ctrl k" for windows. 

You can use a list of designated keywords indexed for a page to search for a page, not just the page title. When you enter keywords in the search bar, any page that matches the keywords will show up in results. You can search for all features and pages you have access to in the current network and organization you are in. 

You can see search result results in the format of page navigation breadcrumb. You can use “up” and “down” keys on your keyboard to move between results. You can press “return” or “enter” to select a result and the tab will update accordingly. If there are no matches found, you see “No matches found”. You can close the search box by clicking outside the box, or pressing “esc” key.    

Benefits of Navigation Search

  • Improve feature findability by allowing you to find features based on various keywords, in addition to page name.
  • Accelerate time to start tasks by showing all relevant features in one place. 
  • Increase dashboard learnability, usability, and scalability.  
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