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Meraki Mobile App Beta - FAQ

Meraki Mobile App Beta

Meraki has a new Mobile app in public beta! Below is a list of frequently asked questions written to address new features, availability, and other topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought Meraki already had a mobile app. Is this something different?

A: This is Meraki's mobile app, but revised with new features and a better user experience and presented to the public as a beta release.


Q: When is the mobile app beta available for use?

A: It is publicly available for download on February 10, 2020.


Q: Where can I download it?

A: For iOS:

1) First install Apple's Testflight app.

2) Once that's installed, enroll in the Beta by clicking here from your mobile device.

     For Android:

A) Please enroll in the Google Play beta either by following this link, OR

B) By going to the Meraki app play store listing here from your mobile device, and selecting “Join” on the beta section (please note it may take up to 10 minutes for the enrollment to finish, and the update to be made available).


Q: What's new in this beta release?

A: This beta version of the app is focused on providing a modern mobile experience for dashboard. New features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Biometric authentication

  • Support for combined dashboard networks

  • Viewing a client’s upstream switch port

  • Ability to update a switch port's configuration

  • Ability to update a client’s policy


Q: Feature XYZ isn’t working! What do I do?

A: As this is a beta release, there are some features that may not be working quite as expected. To report bugs or unexpected behavior, please submit a Support case.


Q: Feature XYZ is missing! Where did it go?

A: The feature set is still being created and refined, and as such, all existing features from the non-beta version of the app are not available at this time.

  • Some features that are currently not available:

    • Onboarding new Meraki hardware

    • SM/MDM management

    • VPN status

    • Location analytics

    • Local status page viewing

    • Opening a support case


Q: I'd love to see XYZ feature! How do I let you know?

A: If a feature is missing but would make a good addition, or if Meraki should know about any other feedback, please submit a wish via Settings > Make a Wish. 


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