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Removing and Undoing License Claims - Co-Termination Licensing


There are a number of licensing issues that are caused by misapplication of a single license key. If a license has been applied incorrectly, the undo license claim tool can be used to remove the license so it can be re-added correctly.

This article will explain how to remove licenses from organizations, using the undo license claim tool.

Use Cases

There are two common situations where a license application can cause problems on an organization:

  • License was applied to the wrong organization.
    A license may have accidentally been applied to the incorrect organization. The undo license claim tool will release the license so it can be applied to the correct organization.
  • License was incorrectly applied as a renewal or add devices.
    When a license key is applied to an organization, there are two options for the license type: Renewal or add devices. Applying a license as the incorrect type will have an undesired effect on the organization's licensing, and will likely take the organization out of compliance. The undo license claim tool can be used to remove the license, so it can be reapplied correctly.
    For more information on different ways to apply licenses, please refer to our documentation regarding Licensing Guidelines and Limitations.

Using the Undo License Tool

The undo license claim button will only be available within 7 days of the license application. For issues with older licenses, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are a full organization administrator on both organizations. If not, this process will need to be followed by another admin.
  2. Contact Meraki Support via phone or submitting a case on the Support website with the following information:

    • Your support passcodes for both the source and destination organizations.
    • The URL for both organizations License Info pages.
    • The license key to be transferred and the device models and the number of devices that need to be moved to the new organization.


The following steps explain how to undo a license application:

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to Organization > Configure > License info.
  2. Click the undo button next to the license in question:
    License info page, license history
  3. Review the confirmation window that pops up. If you are sure this is the correct license to remove, click Yes:
    Undo claim license


Upon confirming the change and closing the pop-up, the organization will be reverted to the previous licensing state. The original license will be invalidated, so a replacement key will be generated. The new license key can then be re-applied or added to another organization for the remaining license term. The new license key can also be found under Organization > Monitor > Change log.

Invalidated Licenses

If you are receiving an error message “License has been invalidated” it could be for two reasons:

  1. The license was invalidated when it was unclaimed. Please see the information above on how to locate the new key.
  2. The key was invalidated due to some or all of the licenses in the order being returned.

If only part of the licenses from the order were returned, a new license key will be generated that includes the un-returned licenses. If the original key was already claimed to an organization, the replacement key will be automatically claimed to the same environment. If the original key was never claimed, the replacement key will be emailed to the individual(s) who requested the RMA. 

Meraki only provides these keys to the person who submitted the RMA, which will be the person on the return (RTC/RTN) order.