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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki SM Subscription Licensing


Cisco Meraki subscription licensing follows a hardware-agnostic approach, utilizing SKUs that encompass multiple solutions under a single SKU. The purpose of this document is to outline the specific SKUs associated with the SM product class. Additionally, this document will emphasize the key features offered by the SM product class, providing valuable insights to our customers. 

Agent version 3.5.2+ is required to enroll new Windows and macOS devices into a Systems Manager network when subscription licensing is enabled. For more information about the Agent, including how to set the preferred agent version for enrolled devices check out this Documentation article.

SM Product Class 

The table below serves as a reference to easily identify the mapping of the SM product classes to their respective service.

Product Class


Systems Manager


  • No Hardware

Features Highlights  

The following table outlines some key features available across the SM product classes, enabling customers to identify the distinctive capabilities for the different use cases.



Device Enroll and Monitor

Managed Apps and Profiles

Self Service Portal

Meraki Integrations (Sentry)

Cisco Integrations

Desktop Remote Troubleshooting

Desktop Visibility

Desktop custom App Management

Advanced Routing

Desktop Scripting

Trusted Access Wi-Fi

To learn more about Meraki MG, MS, MT, MV, MX and Z Subscription Licensing, please refer to the following documentations -

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