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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Z Subscription Licensing


Cisco Meraki subscription licensing follows a hardware-agnostic approach, utilizing SKUs that encompass multiple hardware components within a single SKU. The purpose of this document is to outline the specific SKUs associated with the hardware covered under the Z product class. Additionally, this document will emphasize the key features offered by the Z product class, providing valuable insights to our customers.

Z Product Class and Hardware

The table below serves as a reference to easily identify the mapping of the Z product class to their respective hardware.

Product Class





  • Z1-HW
  • Z3-HW
  • Z3C-HW-NA
  • Z3C-HW-WW
  • Z3C-HW-JP
  • Z4-HW
  • Z4C-HW


Features Highlights

The following table outlines some of the key features available across the Z product class, enabling customers to identify the distinctive capabilities for the different use cases.


Feature Essential Advantage
Centralized Management
Zero-touch firmware updates (including security patches)
True zero-touch provisioning
24x7 enterprise support
Open APIs
3G/4G cellular failover
Essential SD-WAN
Site-to-site VPN (Auto VPN and 3rd party peering)
Traffic shaping/prioritization
Client VPN
Policy-Based Routing
VLAN to VLAN Routing
Source-Based Routing
Local Breakout (IP and Port based)
Advanced Routing
Client Connectivity Alerts
Security Appliance Alerts
Splash Pages
Wireless and/or Cellular functionality
Group Policies
Configuration Templates  
Stateful firewall
Next-gen Traffic Analytics - Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) Integration
Geography-based firewall rules **
Enhanced Live Firewall Logging and Troubleshooting
Umbrella DNS Integration*
Threat Grid Integration* **
Talos Content filtering **  
Web Search Filtering **  
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) **  
Internet Outages **  
WAN Health**  
VoIP Health**  
Smart Breakout **  

                                *Requires additional licensing

                                    ** Requires Z4 or Z4C Hardware

                                         *** Supported soon

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