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Data Stored on the Meraki Primary Controller

Primary Controller

Generally, Meraki customer data that come back to the Meraki cloud are kept in whichever geographical region the dashboard organization is based in. However, for top-level management purposes and for global alignment, some data are forwarded from regional data centers to a central Meraki server primary controller.

Note that end-user data are never sent back to the primary controller. The items listed below are only for account/configuration management purposes.


Meraki Account Registration Data

The Dashboard Account Registration form contains several data fields which will be stored on the Primary Controller. Some of these fields are optional.

Email Email address of the primary administrator Required
Company Organization name Required
Full Name Full name of the primary administrator Optional
Address Address of the organization Optional 

Dashboard Configuration Data

 The following sections outline the data elements stored on the Primary Controller.

Organization Data
Organization licenses info  
Organization EU server id  
Organization "Settings" page  
Organization Administrator users Can be SAML users
Organization Administrator settings  
Dashboard User Profile settings  
Network Data
Network names May be arbitrary alpha-numeric strings
Network time zones  
Network tags May be arbitrary alpha-numeric strings
"Network-wide" page settings  
Network Administrator users Can be SAML users
Network Administrator settings  
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