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Deleting an Organization

There are some circumstances where an organization needs to be deleted, typically to remove a defunct account or an org that was created on accident.

This article walks through requirements and steps to delete an organization from Dashboard.


Before an organization can be deleted, it must meet the following list of requirements:

Note: This includes disabling SAML authentication if it is enabled.

Please note that, because networks with billing enabled cannot be deleted, organizations containing these networks cannot be deleted.

Deleting an organization is non-reversible. The requirements listed above are to ensure nothing important is lost by deleting the organization.

Deleting an Organization

The following steps explain how to delete an organization that meets the above requirements:

  1. Log into Dashboard. Make sure you select the organization you intend to delete.
  2. Navigate to Organization > Configure > Settings.
  3. Click the Delete organization button:

If the delete was successful, you will either be logged out or redirected to one of your other organization (if one exists).

If the delete was not successful, there will be a descriptive error message at the top of the page. Make sure all the above requirements are met.

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