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Attaching Files to Dashboard Cases

When working with Cisco Meraki support, sometimes it can be helpful to provide a screenshot or packet capture that helps illustrate an issue being encountered. This can provide much needed context and will assist in providing a speedy resolution. 

Access existing cases or create a new one by navigating to Help > Cases. To upload a file to the case:


  1. Click on the case in question.
  2. Under Files click Upload file.
  3. Using the window that appears, select and upload/open the file that needs to be attached to the case.
    Note: The file must be no larger than 5MB. If uploading a packet capture, be sure to limit the capture to only relevant information using Display Filters and only save those displayed packets.
  4. Once the file is uploaded, it will appear above the button.
    2017-07-11 16_33_09-Cases - Meraki Dashboard.png

To add a comment to the case describing the uploaded file, from Help > Cases:


  1. Click on the case in question.
  2. Under Interactions click Add new comment.
  3. Identify the uploaded file, and describe what it is illustrating, along with any relevant details.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The comment will then appear along with the other comments and e-mails for the case.
    2017-07-11 16_35_37-Cases - Meraki Dashboard.png
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