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MS120-8LP-HW Power Supply Proactive Replacement Overview and FAQ

What is the issue?

The external power adapters MA-PWR-90WAC (Model PA-1900-66C1, Rev. 01) included with a subset of MS120-8LP-HW switches may be susceptible to a grounding issue.

When the MA-PWR-90WAC (Model PA-1900-66C1, Rev. 01) external power adapter, powering the MS120-8LP-HW switch, is coupled with an end device with a similar grounding implementation, the following symptoms may be observed:

  • The MS120-8LP-HW switch might shut down abruptly, or 
  • The end devices connected to the switch might be affected.

Which Meraki devices are affected?

This is not an issue with the switch itself; it only affects MS120-8LP-HWs powered by MA-PWR-90WAC (Model PA-1900-66C1, Rev. 01) external power adapters. No other power adapter models are affected.

How can an affected power adapter be identified?

The image below contains the relevant data points to help validate if the external power adapter is affected.

Model: PA-1900-66C1
Cisco Meraki M/N: MA-PWR-90WAC
Rev.: 01

Affected PSU.png

To help you identify the affected power adapters, Meraki Technical Support can provide you with the serial numbers of MS120-8LP-HW switches that came with an affected power adapter in the box. 

Note: Using serial number information might not be the most accurate way to identify an affected power adapter if you have swapped or bundled the power adapters that came in the boxes.

How can an affected power adapter that hasn’t been deployed yet be identified?

First, cross-reference the affected serial number with the serial number on the back of the MS120-8LP-HW box, then use the information in the image above to validate the affected external power adapter. 

If you do not have access to the affected serial number, please reach out to Meraki Technical Support via dashboard, phone, or email to validate. 

Note: If the boxes have already been opened and the power adapters have been swapped or bundled together, the serial number information for the switch might not be the most accurate way to narrow down the affected power adapters. In this case, you will have to check the label on the power adapter itself to identify whether it is affected or not.

Again, there is no issue with the MS120-8LP-HW itself. This issue only affects the external power adapter that came with the switch.

Is Meraki encountering the same issue with any other power adapters or MS models? 

No. The issue is only present with the MA-PWR-90WAC (Model PA-1900-66C1, Rev. 01) external power adapter that powers MS120-8LP-HWs.  

How is Meraki fixing this issue?

Meraki is proactively replacing all the affected external power adapters in customer networks.

Is there an action needed to secure the replacement power adapter?

You need to contact Meraki Technical Support to request a replacement power adapter.

There are three ways to contact Meraki Technical Support:

Open a case via

  1. Meraki Dashboard

  2. Support home page

  3. Call your localized support line, which can be found at the bottom of the Meraki Technical Support webpage.

Meraki Technical Support will collect your shipping information and submit the replacement request on your behalf. Please have your shipping details ready when you contact Support.

Note: To open a case via Meraki dashboard, click the “Help” icon on the top left of the menu bar. Select “Get Help,” which will take you to the Meraki Support Center. Under “Still need help?,” click “Submit an email case.” A case form will appear; please fill it out with your information and click “Send” to open your support case. 

Can the MA-PWR-90WAC with the MS120-8LP-HW still be used until replacement power adapters are received?

Until replacements are received, we recommend stopping the use of affected MA-PWR-90WAC to avoid encountering the potential issue.

If you cannot discontinue use of your MA-PWR-90WAC before you receive a replacement, you may opt to continue to use the power adapter with the MS120-8LP-HW in the interim if:

  • None of the listed symptoms are present within the switch network, and
  • No new end devices are added to the switch network.

Is there a concern about using the MS120-8LP-HW switch with the MA-PWR-90WAC (Model PA-1900-66C1) external power adapters?

We recommend replacing the power adapter to avoid the potential of encountering the issue, which may affect long-term viability of the MS120-8LP-HW switch and/or connected end devices.

Can new orders be placed for MS120-8LP-HWs? 

Orders can still be placed for MS120-8LP-HWs. All units shipped after May 12, 2022 are not affected by this issue.

A GA-PWR-90WAC was received as a replacement to the affected MA-PWR-90WAC. Is this an acceptable replacement for the affected MA-PWR-90WAC power adapter?

Yes, the GA-PWR-90WAC is compatible with the MS120-8LP-HW.

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