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Configuring Notifications in Meraki Go

The Meraki Go App has multiple custom notifications that can be enabled to allow you to stay up to date on the status of your network.

Configuring Notifications

Notifications can be configured from the Meraki Go App. You can find the settings by going to Settings > Your Notification Settings (under the Account subheading). Enabling any one of these settings will cause alerts to be either emailed or sent as a push notification on your phone.


Notification Types

The following notifications can be enabled for your Go devices:

  • A device goes offline for more than 5 minutes
    Send a notification when an access point if offline for 5 minutes. Please note that the access point may still be functioning, this only indicates that it is unable to contact the Meraki Go Cloud.
  • The total internet usage is more than a given value in 20 minutes
    Send a notification when your network has had a large amount of data passed through it in a short amount of time. This can help indicate clients on your network that are using large amounts of bandwidth, potentially causing negative side effects for other clients (such as slower speeds, etc.)
  • Weekly guest traffic stats
    Send a push notification to your phone once a week about your guest traffic statistics. This helps demonstrate what type of engagement is seen from people with wifi-enabled smart phones or devices that come within range of any given access point in an account.
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