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Meraki Go is a wireless networking solution designed for ease of management and remote administration.

Getting Started 

Meraki Go Onboarding

First-time setup instructions for Meraki Go WiFi access points.

Meraki Go Feature Details

Feature details for Meraki Go WiFi access points.


Additional Topics

Multiple Locations

Learn how to manage multiple locations with Meraki Go.

VLAN Configuration

Segment your network using VLANs with this how-to guide.

Troubleshooting and Support

Meraki Go Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Meraki Go products and instructions on resolving common issues.

Contacting Support

Meraki Go Support is here to help with any questions or issues you may have. 

Support Community

Get support from our Community for Meraki Go products. 

Meraki Go FAQ

Got a question about Meraki Go? Feel free to check here first.

Meraki Go Troubleshooting Tools

The Meraki Go App provides multiple Troubleshooting Tools to assist you in performing troubleshooting on your network. 



Additional Information


Meraki Go - Subscription Keys
In order to function, each Meraki Go device needs an associated Subscription Key. This document outlines frequently asked questions about Subscription...
Meraki Go App - Mobile Device Requirements
The Meraki Go app currently support both Android and iOS devices. In addtion to a compatible device, an active data connection will be needed to use t...
Meraki Go - Decoding the LED Light
Each Meraki Go WiFi access point is equipped with a multi color light that can be seen on the top right of each device to provide an easy at-a-glance ...
Meraki Go - How to Assign a Static IP to Meraki Go Equipment
If you prefer to have complete control over what IP addresses your Meraki Go devices have on your network, you can assign a static IP address to them....
Meraki Go - When Bridge Mode is not Available (Auto NAT)
Certain configurations of your Meraki Go access point(s) may yield unexpected results. To help ensure that you are always getting the best performance...
Meraki Go - Data Privacy and Protection
Cisco Meraki is committed to protecting the data that our customers entrust to our cloud-hosted service. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...
Meraki Go - Web Blocking
Each Meraki Go network can be configured with customizable web blocking rules, to ensure that users aren’t accessing websites that they shouldn’t be.
Meraki Go - Usage Limits
If you are worried about certain applications bogging down your network speeds, or using all of your bandwidth, Meraki Go offers Usage limits to ensur...
Meraki Go - Configuring Notification Settings
The Meraki Go App has multiple custom notifications that can be enabled to allow you to stay up to date on the status of your network.
Meraki Go - Landing Pages
Meraki Go wireless networks offer the ability to prompt users that are connecting to pass through a Landing Page. This is a way to provide a customize...
Meraki Go - Share Network Credentials
Once you set up a Meraki Go network, you may want to share the network name and password so that people can easily connect to your network. Meraki Go ...
Meraki Go - Guest Networks
Many times when setting up a WiFi for your small business, you may want to provide WiFi for patrons and guests that come in. Meraki Go makes this as e...
Meraki Go Security Gateway Switch Ports
Each Meraki Go Security Gateway comes with 5 ports, including 1 Power over Ethernet port. You can use these ports to plug in other network devices, su...
Meraki Go - GX Security Settings
Each Meraki Go GX Security Gateway has an optional Security Subscription that can be purchased, powered by Cisco Umbrella. When this subsciption is pu...
Meraki Go Security Gateway Port Forwarding
Each Meraki Go Security Appliance can be configured to allow traffic from the internet to access your network under specific circumstances via Port Fo...
Meraki Go - Local Network Addressing
Each Meraki Go Security Gateway comes preconfigured ready to run your network out of the box. This document explains how to modify the local address s...
Meraki Go - Recommended Meraki Go Topology
Your network can be set up many different ways. This document will explain the optimal way to configure your Meraki Go hardware for the best results.
Meraki Go - Which Meraki Go GS is right for me?
The Meraki Go GS line has multiple models available to fit all use cases. This document will explain the differences to help you guide your purchase.
Meraki Go - GS Switch Ports
Your Meraki Go GS Switches come in 3 flavors with regards to how many ports they have: 8, 24, and 48 port variants. The Meraki Go App gives you the ab...
Meraki Go - What is an SFP Port?
All Meraki Go GS switches are equipped with SFP ports that all the use of fiber optic, copper, or direct attach (twinax cables).
Meraki Go - What is PoE (Power over Ethernet)?
Meraki Go GS switches come in multiple varieties (more information about the different kinds of GS Switches can be found here). Included in that is th...
Meraki Go - Internet Connection Port
When plugging your Meraki Go GS switch into your network, it will automatically determine which port has internet access, and lock down the configurat...
Meraki Go - How to configure PPPoE on a Security Gateway
Meraki Go Security Gateways support configurations for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet, or PPPoE. You may need PPPoE if your ISP requires a user...
Meraki Go - Guest Insights
Meraki Go wireless access points offer the ability to gain insights about the people who walk by and come to, your small business, even if they don't ...


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