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Fiber Transceivers

Meraki Product ID Standard Wavelength (nm) Fiber Type Fiber Description Core / Clad Diameter Jacket Color Max Distance Data Rate Compatibility
MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM1 62.5 μm / 125 μm Orange 220m Gigabit GS110 series switches
MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM2 50 μm / 125 μm Orange 550m Gigabit
MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM3 50 μm / 125 μm Aqua 550m Gigabit
MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM4 50 μm / 125 μm Aqua 1km Gigabit
MA-SFP-1GB-LX10 1000BASE-LX10 1310 SMF OS1/OS2 9 μm / 125 μm Yellow 10km Gigabit
MA-SFP-1GB-LX10 1000BASE-LX10 1310 MMF with LC modeconditioning
N/A Yellow / Orange 550m Gigabit

* Modal bandwidth at 500MHz/km
** Please refer to the MS125 specifications for additional compatibility data here.

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