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Meraki Go - Decoding the Access Point LED Light

Each Meraki Go WiFi access point is equipped with a multi color light that can be seen on the top right of each device to provide an easy at-a-glance status.

If you don’t see any light being emitted, please ensure that your Meraki Go access point is properly powered with either the included AC adapter, or from a "power over ethernet" (PoE) supported ethernet port.

Color States

These can also be found from within the Meraki Go App.

LEDColors_Booting@2x.png Orange

Your access point is powered on and starting up

LEDColors_Uplink@2x.png Blinking Orange

Cannot find uplink

Your access point is unable to find a way to the internet. This can occur when there are issues with your connection to your ISP, or if your network is misconfigured

LEDColors_Connecting@2x.png Multi-color


Your access point is initializing and trying to connect to the internet

LEDColors_Upgrading@2x.png Blinking blue


Your access point is updating to the latest firmware. Firmware updates include new features, and keep your network secure

LEDColors_Online@2x.png Green


Your access point is online and ready for device to connect. It’s good to Go!

LED Locations

Indoor WiFi Access Point

GR10 LED Location documentation.png

Outdoor WiFi Access Point

GR20 LED Location documentation.png

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