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Configuring WEP encrypted SSID

Warning: WEP is deprecated in MR 30.X and newer firmware. Limited configuration options still exist when using the old Access control page (Wireless > Configure > Access control > View old version > WPA encryption mode) until this page is deprecated.

Please refer to WEP Deprecation on MRs for more information.

In case this is needed, here are the steps to secure your SSID with WEP on your Meraki network:

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Wireless > Access Control
  3. Select the SSID you want to configure from the "SSID" drop down.
  4. Select Pew-shared key (PSK) under the section "Association Requirements". 
  5. Enter the WEP key in the "Users must enter this key to associate:" field.
  6. Select "WEP" on drop down menu for WPA encryption mode.
  7. Click the "Save changes" button.

Note: The WEP key you enter must be 10 or 26 characters long (for 64bit or 128-bit WEP respectively) and contain only digits and letters a - f. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 10.59.29 AM.png





Dashboard only allows one WEP SSID to be enabled per network. The following error message will be displayed if an attempt is made to configure a second WEP SSID within the same network:


If there is a specific need for multiple WEP SSIDs, additional networks will need to be created to support this deployment.

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