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WEP Deprecation in MR 30.X Release

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With the release of our MR 30.X firmware, we are removing support for WEP security algorithm. Therefore, if you need to continue using WEP, please remain on MR 29.X firmware. However, we recommend planning to transition your WEP clients to a more secure encryption method as soon as possible.

WEP was replaced by WPA back in 2003. For 20 years, we have supported this insecure protocol due to the persistence of legacy devices that don’t support more secure encryption protocols. However, with security becoming a more significant concern, especially with WPA3 becoming more ubiquitous, we can no longer support a mechanism that offers little protection to our customers' networks.

Warning: WEP support is fully deprecated as of May 2023. Cisco Meraki will not provide security patches, vulnerabilities, or bug fixes related to WEP, even for MR 29.X or lower firmware versions.

WEP Configuration on MR 29.X and Older Firmware 

WEP encryption can be configured on the old Access control page (Wireless > Configure > Access control > View old version > WPA encryption mode).


Warning: The old Access control page will be deprecated shortly in favor of the new Access control page. Therefore, the ability to configure WEP encryption will be lost.

WEP_AC2.pngIf the WEP option is enabled on the old access control page, this option will also be displayed as a read-only option on the new access control page. 

Note: WEP encryption cannot be configured on the new Access control page even if a network firmware version is lower than MR 30.X.

In addition, the warning will be displayed, indicating that unless more secure encryption is chosen, this SSID will be disabled after a network is upgraded to MR 30.1+ firmware.


WEP Behaviour on MR 30.X and Newer Firmware

The WEP encryption option cannot be configured on the old or new access page.

  • Configuring WEP on the old access control page and attempting to save changes will result in a page validation error.

  • The WEP encryption setting is no longer available on the new access control page.

Warning: If an SSID were previously configured with WEP before MR 30.X+ firmware upgrade, this SSID would be disabled with the below warning:


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