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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Alert: This device is having difficulty contacting the Meraki Cloud

An alert may appear on your AP detail page stating:

"This device is having difficulty contacting the Meraki Cloud. Please make sure your wired network allows outgoing connections to x.x.x.x and x.x.x.x on ports 443, 7734, 7351 and 7752." 

When this happens, the AP icon (located in Dashboard under Wireless > Monitor > Access Points) turns yellow, the connectivity graph is green, and the AP does not download the latest firmware or configuration from the Meraki Cloud. 

There are 3 possible reasons an AP will report this alert message:

  • The AP is behind a firewall that is blocking outbound access to the Meraki Cloud.
  • The DNS servers your AP is configured to use are unreachable, not responding, or sending invalid DNS responses. 
  • Dashboard is experiencing a temporary outage.

To remedy the issue, please take the following steps.

  1. Check your firewall and make sure it is allowing outbound access to the cloud.
  2. If you have verified the firewall settings are correct, there may be an issue with DNS. Try changing the DNS servers used by your APs to a public server (like Google Public DNS) and verify your firewall is allowing outbound DNS traffic (which requires UDP port 53).

If your AP is configured with a static IP address, please review our documentation regarding changing your static DNS settings.

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