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Calculating BTU Consumption for Cisco Meraki Products

British Thermal Units (BTUs) are a unit of measurement used to quantify energy. Specifically, one BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Farenheit. 

Network administrators may need the power rating of Cisco Meraki products in BTUs for energy management purposes. All power consumption data for each Cisco Meraki product is listed in Watts on the following datasheets.  


This article describes how to convert Watts to BTUs for various Cisco Meraki products and provides some BTU/hr values for popular Cisco Meraki products. See MR Power supplies and cost calculations for additional energy usage data.

Watts to BTU/hr Conversion Formula

1 BTU/hr translates to 0.293071 Watts. Similarly, 3.412141633 BTUs/hr = 1 Watt. Using the Watt value found from the data sheet and following the formula (3.412141633 BTU/hr x (Watts) we can quickly find the BTU/hr consumption of any Cisco Meraki device. For example, the MR24 draws a maximum of 12.5 W as specified by the datasheet. 

Figure 1. Power consumption from MR24 datasheet.

Multiplying 12.5W x 3.412141633 will provide the BTU/hr value of 42.65 BTU/hr. 

Other BTU/hr Ratings 

Figure 2. BTU/hr ratings for popular Cisco Meraki products.

Note: MS22P/42P max power values are significantly higher due to 380W PoE load at full capacity. Learn more about PoE support on MS Switches

Generally, a conversion tool should be used to ensure accurate translation. One such conversion tool can be found here

Note: To calculate total BTU consumption over a specific time period, multiply the BTU/hr value by the number of hours desired. 

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