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Legacy (Pro) Access Points and Licensing FAQ

Meraki has historically sold multiple editions of access points, most notably Enterprise and Pro edition APs. Enterprise access points (MR-series) are fully-featured and require cloud licensing, whereas pro access points (Mini, Outdoor, OD2, etc) ran with a limited feature set and did not require licensing. An enterprise license could also be applied to a pro AP network to unlock the full feature set.

This article will overview differences between pro and enterprise access points, and address some common questions about licensing and interoperability.

Cisco Meraki no longer sells pro-series access points, all current MR access points are considered enterprise. For more information, please refer to our product end-of-life policies.

Pro and Enterprise Feature Comparison

The following list compares the pro and enterprise feature sets. Please note that the list of enterprise features is not comprehensive:


Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections address some frequently asked questions regarding pro access points and licensing.

Can I use both pro and enterprise access points in the same network?

A pro (unlicensed) access point cannot coexist with enterprise (licensed) access points in the same network or organization. An organization is either pro or enterprise, depending on whether or not it contains any enterprise licenses; if an organization contains at least one enterprise license, it is considered enterprise and all access points will require licensing.

A pro access point cannot be added to an enterprise network without a corresponding license, and an enterprise access point cannot be added to a pro network without first adding a license and upgrading the organization to enterprise.

How do I know whether my access point is pro or enterprise?

All current (MR-series) access points are considered enterprise, as they are fully featured and require a cloud license. The only pro-capable MR access point is the MR58, which reached end-of-sale in 2012.

I added a license to my account, but now I see a license warning. What happened?

If an enterprise license is added to an organization, it will upgrade that organization to enterprise and all managed APs will require licensing. This means that if there were any pro access points in the org, all of those APs will now require licensing. This typically results in a license warning, unless the license was planned to cover all of the existing pro APs.

There are two resolutions to this issue:

  1. Reach out to Cisco Meraki Sales to purchase additional licensing for your pro APs.
  2. Reach out to Cisco Meraki Support to separate your pro and enterprise access points into different organizations.

How do I receive support for my pro access point?

To receive assistance with a pro access point, you can contact Cisco Meraki Support via email or by submitting a case in Dashboard. Please note that pro access points are not eligible for phone support. Pro organizations have an SLA of 24 hours.

How can I upgrade to enterprise?

If an enterprise license is applied to an organization with pro access points, the org will automatically be upgraded to enterprise and the full enterprise feature set will be unlocked. Please note that all access points will require licensing, e.g. If there are 15 pro access points in an account, you will need to purchase an enterprise license for 15 access points.

To purchase enterprise licensing, please reach out to Cisco Meraki Sales for more information.

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