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Cisco Meraki

Run Dark Mode

Run Dark disables the LED lights on all APs in your network. This feature is useful in situations where the lights may be annoying, distracting, or overly conspicuous. For example, it can be enabled to prevent outdoor APs from drawing attention at night.


Note that using the "Blink LEDs" feature on an AP will override Run Dark mode and will blink both the status LED and the Ethernet port LEDs.

Network-wide Configuration

This feature can be configured on a network-wide basis under Network-wide > General: AP LED Lights = On/Off.

Per-device Configuration

Individual access points can be set to Run Dark by adding a "run_dark" AP tag.

If the network is configured to Run Dark (AP LED Lights = Off), then individual access points can use the "run_lit" AP tag to reactivate their LEDs.

Ethernet Port LEDs

Run Dark mode is primarily intended to disable power/status indicator LEDs on Meraki APs. Run Dark mode is also able to disable the LED lights on Ethernet ports for some models. The table below indicates which models will also disable their Ethernet port status lights.


Model Ethernet Port LEDs off
in Run Dark Mode
MR18 Yes
MR20 No
MR24 No
MR26 Yes
MR32 Yes
MR33 No
MR34 No
MR42 No
MR44 Yes
MR45 Yes
MR46 Yes
MR52 Yes
MR53 Yes
MR55 Yes
MR30H Yes
MR36 Yes
MR56 Yes


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