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EU Compliance Information

The regulatory requirements for wireless LANs in the European Union are specified by The Centers of Excellence (CE). Below is the maximum allowed EIRP as specified by the CE. 

Frequency Band (MHz)      Max Power Level (EIRP) (mW)      Max Power Level (dBm)      Indoor/Outdoor
2400-2483.5 100mW 20dBm Indoor/Outdoor
5150-53501 200mW 23dBm Indoor
5470-57251 1W 30dBm Indoor/Outdoor


EIRP is calculated using by adding the transmit strength of the radio and gain of the antenna while subtracting the loss of the cabling between the radio and antenna. These values are available provided by the manufacturer. 


EIRP = transmit strength (dBm) + antenna gain (dBi) – cable loss (dB)


For example if you an AP's output power is 21dBm, the cable loss is 1dB, and the max EIRP for the band is 1W or 30dB, an antenna with a gain of up to 10dBi  can be used within the legal maximum EIRP. 

EIRP on Access Points that support beamforming

  • Beamforming gains are expected to be approximately 3 dB in the transmitted direction, so on APs that support this functionality, the EIRP should be calculated as:

EIRP = transmit strength (dBm) + antenna gain (dBi) + beamforming gain (3db) – cable loss (dB)