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Independent Firmware Releases for Meraki and Catalyst-based switches



We are introducing independent firmware upgrades for Meraki switches (MS) and Catalyst-based switches (CS), including the MS390. 

This update helps us ensure we are able to provide consistent and frequent updates to all of our customers regardless of the switching products they depend on for their networking needs.

Starting May 2023, firmware will independently be released for “CS” and “MS” switches, where CS includes MS390 and all future Catalyst-based platforms.


MS (Meraki Switch) Models

CS (Catalyst Switch) Models

MS120, MS125, MS210, MS225, MS220, MS250, MS320, MS350, MS355, MS410, MS425, MS450


Migrated C9300s

All future Catalyst-based hardware platforms



If you own both Catalyst-based and Meraki switches, this change will affect you. 

MS390 software updates will happen independently of MS platforms starting with the release of MS 16 Beta, which will only apply to MS platforms. CS 16 Beta will be introduced for the MS390.

Once this change is introduced, networks currently running MS 15.21.1 will notice that the firmware labels of MS390s automatically update to CS 15.21.1. Soon after a CS 16.1 Beta will appear, however, if a network is not running MS 15.21.1 when the change is introduced, the user will need to manually upgrade to CS 15.21.1 before the CS 16.1 Beta appears.  

Firmware upgrades can be found under the Organizations > Firmware upgrades page.



With this change networks with both platforms will see two independent firmware versions, as shown below, and upgrades can be scheduled simultaneously. 

Upon initial release, CS 16 and MS 16 are essentially the same. Our goal is to deliver consistent user experiences and feature capabilities across all platforms, albeit with different release schedules.

Why are Meraki and Catalyst-based switches splitting their software?

We are introducing the new firmware strategy so that our customers can receive more consistent value delivery, regardless of their product models.

Yes, you can upgrade both Meraki and Catalyst-based switches at the same time using an easy-to-use interface as shown below:

If you notice MS 16 Beta available for upgrade, you can schedule and upgrade to that release as an option for all MS switches within the target network. Note that this upgrade only applies to Meraki (MS) switches, see the reference table above. The upgrade would not apply to MS390 switches (Catalyst-based) contained within the same target network.

You can upgrade MS390s in your network to CS 16 Beta when you notice it on your dashboard. Only Catalyst-based switches can upgrade to CS 16 Beta and subsequent CS releases. Meraki MS switches will upgrade to MS 16 Beta, not CS 16 Beta.

When you schedule a network upgrade to the latest stable version, your Meraki switches will upgrade to MS 15.21.1 and Catalyst-based switches will upgrade to CS 15.21.1.

In this scenario, the MS 15.21.1 label for MS390 switches will be automatically updated on the dashboard to CS 15.21.1. The Meraki Switches in your network will not upgrade to CS 15.21.1. 

Customers will be notified of the change via dashboard banner and email. These customers will then see an option to upgrade to the CS 16.1 Beta version as well for their Catalyst-based switches.

What is the expected release date of MS 16 beta and CS 16 beta?

MS 16 Beta and CS 16 Beta will be available in May 2023. MS 16 Beta and CS 16 Beta are not expected to release simultaneously, but will release independently on their own schedules.

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