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Network Topology

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Cisco Meraki MS switches must be deployed in the network for the Network Topology feature to be available.

Network topology is a powerful tool to provide administrators a graphic overview of the logical network topology and the status of any devices.

In combined networks, topology shows an integrated Cisco Meraki network that has MX Security Appliances, MS Switches, and MR Access points. Squares represent MX security appliances, rectangles represent MS switches, stacked rectangles represent MS physical switch stacks, and circles represent MR access points. Non-Meraki equipment is also detected if it is one hop away (and will appear as an empty diamond); depending on the protocols supported by a non-Meraki device, the topology view may be able to discern LLDP data like model type, IP, and manufacturer. Meraki devices in a different network will be denoted by blue diamonds.

Learn which physical links in your network are most heavily-trafficked; simply hover over individual network links to learn statistics about that connection’s negotiated speed, usage, and number of directly connected clients using it in the past day. 

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