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Storm Control for MS

Basic Storm Control

Storm control on MS series switches protects LAN connectivity in the event of a packet storm in a network.  All MS series switches include control plane policing of STP and CDP/LLDP floods to ensure Meraki Cloud connectivity.

Enhanced Storm Control

Note: Storm control configuration options for enhanced storm control are available on MS10.0 and higher for supported models.

Supported models: MS210, MS225, MS250, MS350, MS355, MS400 series switches

Enhanced Storm Control can be enabled on supported switches to suppress Broadcast, Multicast and Unknown Unicast packets based on a percentage of traffic on a given interface. Suppression monitors the bandwidth of each individual switch port every 1 second.

To enable:

  1. Navigate to Switch > Switch Settings.
  2. Under Storm Control, click Add a storm control rule.
    1. For Traffic Types, select Broadcast, Multicast, and/or Unknown Unicast.
    2. For % of available port bandwidth, choose a number from 1-100%. 
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