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Storm Control for MS

Basic Storm Control

Storm control on MS series switches protects LAN connectivity in the event of a packet storm in a network.  All MS series switches include control plane policing of STP and CDP/LLDP floods to ensure Meraki Cloud connectivity.

Enhanced Storm Control

Note: The Storm control settings will only be visible if the network contains a supported switch model. This is also applies to Templates and bound Switch profiles. A supported switch must be bound to a profile in order for the Storm control settings to become visible.

Enhanced Storm Control can be enabled on supported switches to suppress Broadcast, Multicast and Unknown Unicast packets based on a percentage of traffic on a given interface. Suppression monitors the bandwidth of each individual switch port every 1 second. On classic MS switches, if the specified type of traffic exceeds the defined limit, only excess packets will be dropped. On MS390 switches, if the specified type of traffic exceeds the defined limit, all packets will be dropped until the monitored traffic falls below the defined limit.

Requirements, guidelines and limitations

Supported models: MS100 seires, MS210, MS225, MS250, MS350, MS355, MS390 and MS400 series switches. Please refer to the following table for the firmware requirements.

MS Switch Family Minimum  Firmware Required
MS100 series MS 15.20
MS200 series MS 10.0
MS300 series MS 10.0
MS400 series MS 10.0

Enabling Enhanced Storm Control Globally

To enable Enhanced Storm Control globally:

1. Navigate to Switch > Configure > Switch Settings

Dashboard navigation to switch settings


2. In the Storm Control section, select Add a storm control rule

Add Storm Control Rule.png


3. From the Traffic Types drop down, select the type of traffic you wish to suppress (Broadcast, Multicast, and/or Unknown Unicast)

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 8.12.15 AM.png


4. In the % of available port bandwidth field, enter a percentage between 1-100% to complete the configuration of the rule

Available Port Bandwidths.png


5. Select Save at the bottom of the settings page to save your configurations

Save Changes.png

Configuring Port Level Enhanced Storm Control

Note: Port level control is only available if Enhanced Storm Control is enabled globally. Once Enhanced Storm Control is enabled globally, it is enabled on each port by default.


To configure Enhanced Storm Control at the port level:

1. Navigate to Switch > Monitor > Switch ports


Dashboard navigation to switch ports

2. Select the switch port to configure

3. In the Storm Control section, select Enable or Disable

Configure Port.png


4. Select Update to save the port configuration

Update port.png

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