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Configuring Camera FOVs on a Floor Plan


Cameras placed on a map or floor plan can now also represent their Field of View (FOV) for additional context, such as:

  • Visualize camera orientation

  • Easily differentiate between different camera types based upon their cone-shaped FOV or circular FOV (MV32)

  • Easily identify the operation state of any camera

  • Observe which areas of your location may have poor coverage

  • Device identification during emergencies

    • For any area of interest (example indicated in blue below), we can easily identify which camera(s) offer coverage of that area


For information on how to upload custom Floor Plans and place devices, see the article Using a Floor Plan or Custom Map in Dashboard.


Updating the FOV rotation angle

To get started, naviage to Network-wide > Map & floorplans > Place Devices on [floor plan name] 

Click and drag the cones to indicate the direction of cameras:

Clicking “Save device placement” will redirect the user back to the maps marker overlay page, and any changes to FOV rotation angle will be displayed there.

Hide cones during zoom

Cones are hidden when zoomed out to prevent cluttering. To view camera FOV cones, simply zoom into the Maps & Floorplans until they are represented on the map.

Circular vs. cone-shaped FOV

Cone-shaped FOVs are used to represent MV12N, MV12W, MV22, MV72, etc. Circular FOVs are used to represent MV32 fisheye cameras.

Colored FOVs represent camera status

Camera FOV cones are colored to match their current online status: green for online, yellow for alerting, red for recently offline, and grey for dormant devices. This helps users to quickly be able to notice when something’s gone wrong with a camera.


Final Product

Once camera FOV cones ares configured in Maps & Floorplans, you can readily discern which cameras in an area are facing an area of interest.

You can then use Maps & floorplans to easily identify which camera will have the best view of an incident:

MV Maps & Floorplans Workflow.gif

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My camera network is already set up with cameras placed on our floorplan. How will this update affect my cameras?

  • A: If your cameras have already been placed on a floorplan, they will have their default FOV cones represented facing South:
    Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.30.58 AM.png

    You can simply rotate them to the appropriate coverage angle and save your configuration changes.
    Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.05.59 AM.png




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