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The Cisco Meraki MV product family is a line of indoor and outdoor networked cameras that are exceptionally simple to deploy and configure, due to their integration into the Meraki Dashboard and their use of cloud augmented edge storage. The MV family eliminates the complex and costly hardware required by traditional solutions, thereby removing the limitations typically placed on video surveillance deployments.

MV Quick Start

First-time setup instructions for all MV endpoints.


MV Frequently Asked Questions 

First-time setup instructions and troubleshooting guides for all MV endpoints.


NEW: For information specific to healthcare use cases, refer to the MV Healthcare Design Guide and FAQ.


Second Generation MV Cameras: Overview and Specifications
Second generation MV cameras introduce powerful onboard analytics capabilities, including machine learning for intelligent person tracking.
Meraki MV Cameras - Introduction and Features
The following is an explanation of some terminology you may come across when deploying, designing, or installing security camera networks.
Designing Meraki MV Smart Camera Solutions
The following is an explanation of some terminology you may come across when deploying, designing, or installing security camera networks.

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Site Survey Conduct a proper site survey to understand your MV deployment needs. 
Physical Installation Pre-configure and physically install your cameras and any needed mounting accessories.
Initial Configuration Complete initial configuration including video quality, retention and wireless settings. 
Advanced Configuration Perform optional advanced configuration steps including video walls, motion alerts and custom permissions.
Viewing Video Understand direct and cloud proxy streaming and how to use motion search. 
Processing Video Share, pause processing and delete video. 
Video Analytics Analyze video using motion heatmaps, people detection and MV Sense. 
Troubleshooting Troubleshoot hardware issues.
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