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Audio Recording


This article outlines how to enable audio recording on Meraki MV2, MV12, MV22, MV32, MV63, MV72, and MV93 security cameras.

Enabling Audio Recording

For optimal performance, Meraki Support recommends running the latest available build (MV 3.34 or later).

For MV2, audio recording is supported on firmware build MV4.14 or later

For MV63/MV93 cameras, audio recording is supported on firmware build MV5.1 or later 

Note: Certain jurisdictions regulate or prohibit audio recording. It is the responsibility of the camera operator to comply with all applicable laws.

  1. Go to Cameras > Monitor  > Cameras.
  2. Select the desired camera from the camera list.
  3. On the Settings tab, select Quality and Retention. 
  4. Toggle Audio recording to "Enabled".

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 9.54.02 AM.png

Note: To not impact video retention period, enabling audio recording reduces video bitrate by 64 kbps.

Note: Meraki MV cameras with audio recording enabled will display a purple LED. 

Audio playback capabilities

Audio playback is supported when streaming live or historical video on the Meraki dashboard, as well as the playback of exported footage.

Audio playback is also available on Video walls using the following steps: 

  • Navigate to a Video wall
  • Right click on the video tile for which the audio playback is required
  • Click on "Show Controls"
  • The following image shows the audio option for a tile in a video wall (If the audio recording is disabled, the audio option will be grayed out)


Note:  There can be a slight delay in audio playback when viewing video with audio recording enabled. 

Effective Recording Range

The effective recording range is heavily affected by the environment in which the camera is deployed. For example, in a relatively quiet room, the microphone can pick up conversations up to 10 feet away. In this situation, audio recorded at a distance greater than 10 feet may become inaudible. On the other hand, in a room with more background noise, conversations may be inaudible at distances closer than 10 feet. 

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