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Meraki Display Licensing



Meraki Display does not currently support the new subscription licensing.


Meraki Display is an Apple TV app for live-streaming video walls from MV smart cameras. After the trial period ends, a software license is required to continue usage. 

  • Meraki Display is only supported by co-termination organizations
  • Meraki Display requires a software license, but a 30-day trial period is offered to all new installs
  • Add and renewal are done through Meraki dashboard on the Organization > License Info page

To learn more about Meraki Licensing, please visit these helpful links. The license SKU for Meraki Display is LIC-DISPLAY-xY (x = years).



Meraki Display will only supports co-termination organizations. If your organization is currently on per-device licensing (PDL), you will not be able to claim Meraki Display license; after the trial period ends, you will lose access to video walls on Meraki Display.

License limit

Meraki Display follows a concurrent license rule set. It allows a fixed number of app instances to be online at the same time. This model makes it very simple to install new devices and replace hardware.

  • The license pool is shared across the entire organization.
  • When a user launches Meraki Display and selects an organization, the system checks for available licenses. If none are available, the 30 days trial will be activated.
  • Once the trial period ends, access to video walls will be denied until a valid license is added.

For example, the Meraki Beachfront Cafe needs 2 Meraki Display apps in their store. Next to the cash register and right by the entrance. For this setup, the owner bought and claimed 2 licenses into their organization. Later, the owner wants to replace the entrance Apple TV with a newer model. Because the maximum number of online app instances remains 2, the owner simply has to download and launch Meraki Display from the new Apple TV. 

The Meraki Display app must be signed into using a full organization admin's credentials in order for licenses to apply correctly. Signing in with any other credentials (ie. network level admin or personal email) will instead begin a trial.

30 days trial

For new Meraki Display app installs, even without a valid license, we offer a free 30 days trial. During the trial period, A countdown watermark will be shown on the bottom right of video wall pages. After the trial period is over, you will be blocked from accessing video walls.


Add new licenses

Like other Meraki products, license claim is performed through the dashboard. Before you begin, you must have received a license key from your vendor.

  1. Go to Organization > License Info
  2. Select Add another license
  3. Pick the option License more devices
  4. Enter the license key and select the Add License button
  5. Enter the confirmation date in the Enter the new license expiration to confirm this addition box
  6. Complete the process by selecting Add License button


Meraki Display license SKU are named LIC-DISPLAY-xY (x = 1, 3, 5, 7, 10)

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