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Web Search Filtering and its Effect on Google Apps and Google Search

This article addresses the Web search filtering feature available on the Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliance and how this feature could affect Google applications.

Web Search Filtering

MX Security Appliances have the option to force all web searches to use Web search filtering. This feature can be enabled on the Security & SD-WAN > Configure > Content filtering page in Dashboard. Once enabled, Web search filtering is accomplished by rewriting every search URL. For Google searches, our rewrite follows the method outlined on their page on SafeSearch Lock.

web search filtering and encrypted search options.PNG


Search filtering help filter adult content from results on the top web search engine, including Google and Bing. For search engines besides Google and Bing, filtering can only be enforce on unencrypted search traffic. If this feature is enabled, you will have the option to block encrypted search across many major search engines. 


Additional Resources

Information on this feature and other content filtering options can be found in our documentation.

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