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Cisco Meraki

Cisco+ Secure Connect

Empower your hybrid workforce with secure connectivity for any device, any application, anywhere. ​

Cisco + Secure Connect provides a secure, in-office experience anywhere, a secured network that is simple to consume and easy to manage, and service agility to ensure business continuity.

Cisco+ Secure Connect Use Cases​


  • Secure Remote Worker​
    • Seamless connection to apps and data anywhere users work
    • Secure access to internet and cloud apps
    • Authenticate users and ensure device health before establishing the connection
  • Secure Internet Access
    • Secure internet and public cloud access anywhere​

Remote Worker.png

  • Secure Remote Access VPN, RA-VPN, split-tunneling to internal apps

  • Redirecting DNS and Web traffic to cloud security

  • VPN-less web/ssh application access using network gateway for zero-trust network access, ZTNA

  • Zero-trust secure access for user/device to the app

  • Secure outbound user traffic to worldwide web / Software as a Service applications

  • Protect the endpoint (anti-malware)

  • Simple, integrated deployment to connect and secure

  • Common cloud-delivered security policy and visibility

  • Common Cisco SecureX platform for visibility, orchestration, and extended detection and response (XDR)


Cisco+ Secure Connect Features

  • Remote Access Platform:
    • Available in 8 Data Centers in the US and Europe​

    • Private app connectivity using customer-initiated network tunnels​

    • Out of the box integration with Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway, SIG​

  • Remote Worker Experience
    • Cisco AnyConnect client with Traffic Steering (Split tunneling)​

  • User Access Control:
    • Security Assertion Markup Language, SAML, based authentication​

    • Unified SIG & RA Org; Provisioning users for Remote Access​

    • Limited posture-based access control (device certificate, Operating System type, and version)​

  • Reporting
    • Audit log traceability/report for compliance​

    • Remote Worker connect/disconnect report (includes posture check results)​


Subscription Tiers


Secure Connect Essentials​
Securely connect users to apps​
Secure Connect Advantage​  
Data protection, advanced policy & clientless​
Remote Access​  

Secure remote worker connectivity, SAML authentication, Limited posture-based access control, Reporting

All the capabilities under
Secure Connect Essentials​
Secure Internet Gateway​  

L3-L4 Cloud Firewall, Decryption/Inspection sandboxing (500 samples/day), Cloud Malware for 2 apps​

Secure Internet Gateway

L7 Cloud-Delivered Firewall + IPS, Inline Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Malware detection (all supported apps), Secure Malware Analytics, Unlimited Sandbox submissions​

DNS Security​

Selective web proxy, Investigate console and API, Domain filtering, Security blocking, App discovery & blocking.​

Early Adopters ​will enjoy included roadmap features​ as they arrive



User and IaaS interconnect, Direct SaaS and IaaS Peering


Business-hour support access via Email & Phone, Access to documentation portal for self-help, Onboarding services




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