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Cisco+ Secure Connect - Product Details & Quick Start

Cisco+  Secure Connect -  Product Details & Quick Start
Cisco+ Secure Connect Now is our unified SASE subscription designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience with minimal effort by securely connecting users, things, and applications seamlessly from anywhere.


The new era of hybrid work requires a new approach, and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a key enabler of any organization’s hybrid work strategy. SASE combines networking and security functions in the cloud with campus, branch, remote worker, and contractor (B2B) connectivity to deliver a secure, seamless user experience, anywhere users work; office, home, or coffee shop. But deploying SASE can be complicated. Connecting existing branch SD-WAN appliances and the myriad of user endpoints to a cloud-based fabric requires planning, integration, and configuration.  

Cisco+ Secure Connect is a turnkey SASE offer that radically simplifies the way companies can securely access applications and resources hosted anywhere - across multiple public and private clouds- from any location at any time. Easy to deploy, use, and manage through a unified cloud dashboard, it significantly reduces organizations’ operational complexities to deliver greater agility, speed, and scalability.   



Cisco+ Secure Connect securely connects users anywhere (in the branch or remote), to any application (in the private DC, public cloud or SaaS) with a single subscription. The solution integrates client based and clientless remote worker access, native Cisco Meraki SD-WAN connectivity, and comprehensive cloud-based security capabilities with ZTNA.  





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