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Traffic is being Generated by Blocked or Unauthorized Users

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The factors below should be considered when troubleshooting suspected blocked or unauthorized access.

  • Unauthorized end users may still access web sites on the meraki.com domain if they are not blocked. This bandwidth will not appear in dashboard.
  • Outgoing connection attempts for unauthorized users are currently counted, even though the attempts will fail. Therefore, you could see some traffic for these users on your public network.
  • If the "Captive Portal" setting is set to allow Non-HTTP traffic prior to sign-on, unauthorized users can access the network on any protocol and port other than TCP port 80.
  • On Pro networks, users may only be blocked from the public SSID. If the user knows the private SSID's WPA2/WEP key or splash-page account login, the user can still send and receive traffic on that SSID. In addition, if wired clients are part of the private SSID they may also be able to send and receive data. The usage details page for a client device reports the most recently used SSID for that device.
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