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How to Locate your Meraki Order Number

Locating your Meraki Order via Email

  • Cisco Meraki order confirmations and order numbers are delivered via an email to the shipping contact when the order is fulfilled.
  • When searching for a Meraki Order number in your email, you will be looking for an email with title starting with ‘Your Meraki order has shipped – ‘ followed by an eight to nine-character sequence, your Meraki order.
    • The first two characters of your Meraki order number will typically start with ‘5S’, ‘5C’, ‘4S’, or ‘4C’.
  • The order will only be sent to the shipping contact on the order.
    • If the designated shipping contact on file for the order has not received the order email, ensure that the Spam and Trash folders in the email have been checked, depending on providers and filters being used, the order email may have been sent to one of these.
  • If the order has been verified to be completed but cannot be located, please reach out to your point-of-purchase to request the order confirmation be re-sent.
  • If you still have not received the shipment confirmation after working with your point-of-purchase, please reach out to Orders@meraki.com for assistance.
    • Ensure that the shipping contact is reaching out, per Meraki’s end user agreement as well as the privacy and security policies, these individuals are the only ones able to be given information pertaining to the order.

Locating your Meraki Order via Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)

  • Your Meraki order number can be found in CCW if you cannot locate the order confirmation in your email.
  • Navigate to CCW
    • Log in with your CCO ID
  • In the top, center search box enter your Cisco Sales Order or Web Order ID
  • On any of the Meraki line items, click "Line Details"
  • On the popup that appears, click the Shipping & Tracking Section
  • The Meraki order number will be located in the "COMMERCIAL INVOICE #" section

Claiming your Meraki Order

  • Orders can be claimed from the Organization Inventory section in the dashboard, via Order Number.
  • If an order contains only a license key and no serial numbers, the license key must be claimed via Organization > Configure > License Info > Add another license.


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