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The Access Points, Clients, and Overview pages in the Meraki Dashboard all have search capabilities which enable an administrator to find or filter a list of APs or client devices with tremendous flexibility and ease. Any string can be entered; the Meraki cloud will attempt to match on that string across all available fields. For example, an administrator can search/filter by device description, Ethernet address, or IP address. In addition, searches can be bookmarked for future use. 

Note: Dashboard search for clients is limited to organizations with less than 10,000 clients. Organizations with more than 10,000 clients will not be able to search based on client data. This limitation does not apply to searching for Meraki nodes, only searching by client details. 

The search tool also supports a number of keywords, which can be used to search/filter by specific characteristics. For example, an administrator can search/filter on a combination of strings, usage data, or mesh hop count. All of the available keyword options are outlined in the Search Terms section below.  

Search Terms

  • Enter any value in to the search omnibox for an instant search result
  • Use conditional operators to separate multiple search queries (AND, OR)
  • Use a wildcard to search for more general results ( * )
  • Enter specific search terms to find a particular item:
Access points & Clients search
Search Type
Example Search Value



Returns all APs or clients matching "East"

MAC address


MAC address contains 00:18

IP address 129.45/16 IP address is in the 129.45/16 network
Manufacturer manufacturer:samsung returns all Samsung client devices
Access points search
Serial number Q2AS-GREA-TRAD Serial number is Q2AS-GREA-TRAD



Tagged as "conference rooms"

Gateway/repeater state



Current gateways (APs connected directly to Internet)

Current repeaters (APs connected via Meraki mesh to a gateway)

AP Status






Currently reachable from Meraki Dashboard

Currently unreachable from Meraki Dashboard

Unreachable from Meraki Dashboard for 1 week or more

Has alerts

Does not have alerts

Routing states



route:"Van Ness"




Route to gateway has 3 hops

Route to gateway has 2 or more hops

Route to gateway has an AP that matches "Van Ness"

Currently a gateway for AP matching "Folk"

Currently using a gateway matching "East"

Currently sharing a gateway with an AP with MAC "00:18:0a:01:8e:5a"






At least 100MB of usage

At most 1GB of usage

Has 4 associated clients

Has a radio on channel 1

Network list search (Organization > Overview page)
Description Meraki

Name matches "Meraki"

Network type




type:systems manager

Networks are wireless

Networks are security appliances

Networks are switches

Networks are Systems Manager

Clients clients:>100 Network has more than 100 connected clients
Tags tag:london Network with "London" tag
Advanced search combinations


Van Ness

Van OR Ness

"Van Ness"

(Irwin OR Ness OR Oak) 172.16/16

Name matches both "Van" and "Ness"

Name matches either "Van" or "Ness"

Name matches the phrase "Van Ness"

Combine search results using parentheses and operators

Exclusions -Ness Name does not match "Ness"
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