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Out-of-Licensing Compliance Warnings and Solutions

Cisco Meraki devices use the Cisco Meraki cloud for centralized management and control. The Cisco Meraki cloud is licensed on a “per device, per year” basis. Each organization is licensed for a certain number of devices through a termination date. When out of compliance, due to expiration of licenses or insufficient device counts, you will be notified by e-mail.

This e-mail will begin with "Thank you for being a valued Cisco Meraki customer. Our records show that your organization is over the device limit for your Cisco Meraki Cloud license."

To see the current status of your licensing, login to Dashboard and go to Organization > License info. This page will include information about your licensing status, MX Advanced Security features (if applicable), license expiration date, and details of your current and licensed device counts. Points where you are out of compliance will be indicated in red. To return your organization to a compliant status, you will need to purchase the appropriate licensing. 

For more information about Cisco Meraki licensing, please review the Licensing FAQ.

To purchase licensing, contact your Cisco Meraki account executive, or visit Sales Contacts.

Out of Compliance Examples

Over Device Limit

In this case, the organization has more APs than they are licensed for, and would need to purchase more in order to achieve compliance:

Since devices that are not in a network do not count towards the device count, two APs can be removed from their network(s) and left in the organization inventory until additional licensing is added.

Licensing Expired

In this case, licensing for the organization expired on May 23rd. The licenses would need to be renewed, or new licenses purchased in order to return to a compliant state. 

Licensing Expired & Network Shutdown

In this case, licensing for the organization expired and the organization has been shutdown. This will not occur until after the 30 day grace period, and may also occur if the organization has been in excess of the licensed device count.

Compliant Licensing

In this case, the organization has more device licenses than they have devices and their licensing will expire in 899 days.

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