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Organization Change Log


The Organization > Monitor > Change Log page displays changes made in any network within the current Organization since it was created, in the last 14 months in the EU, or in the last two years in the rest of the world. This includes configuration changes made to all types of devices, not just administrative changes to the Dashboard. Each time a change is made an event in the Change Log will be generated that includes the following information:

  • Time:  Time the change was made in UTC.
  • Admin:  The username of the administrator who made the changes.
  • Network:  The Dashboard network in which the change was made.
  • SSID:  The SSID that was altered, if no changes were made to an SSID then this field will remain blank.
  • Page:  The Dashboard menu page where the changes were made.
  • Label:  The configuration section or option that was changed. If the change affected only specific devices or ports, that information will be listed here.
  • Old Value:  The value of the option prior to the change.
  • New Value:  The value of the option after the change. 

Filtering the Change Log

The Change Log can also be filtered to display only specific events from the history by typing into the Search bar located at the top of the Change Log or by selecting the Filter option for a specific entry. For example, it can be filtered to only show changes made by a specific Administrator, or only to changes made on a specific piece of hardware. Currently the Change Log can be filtered by:

  • Admin
  • Network
  • SSID
  • Page
  • Label
  • Old Value
  • New Value

At this time the Change Log cannot be filtered by date, however the most recent events are listed first by default. The image below shows a Change Log that has been filtered to only show events generated by one Administrator.



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