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Cloud Maintenance FAQ


As part of ongoing efforts to improve the performance and resiliency of the Meraki Cloud, the Cisco Meraki engineering team will be changing the IP addresses used by Cisco Meraki devices to contact the Meraki Cloud.

For customers with restrictive firewalls that block access to these new IP addresses, firewall changes may be necessary in order to ensure that your devices remain fully functional during and after this maintenance period.

What is changing? 

We will be changing the IP addresses that your devices have traditionally used to contact the Meraki Cloud. Devices will now, additionally, connect to IPs in the subnet.

Other addresses required for your Meraki devices to operate correctly generally remain the same. You can reference the Help > Firewall info page within Dashboard to identify the firewall rules required to allow your devices to contact the Meraki Cloud.

Are my devices affected? 

Meraki will be proactively notifying Dashboard administrators via email if we detect connectivity issues to the new subnet and displaying Dashboard banner notification for affected organizations. If you have not received one of these notifications and do not see this banner displayed above any of your Dashboard organizations, then there is no need for concern. This maintenance is planned to be completed gradually over several months and notifications will be sent prior to making any changes.
At any time, you can reference the Help > Firewall info page within Dashboard to identify the firewall rules required to allow your devices to contact the Meraki Cloud. To ensure the best performance from your Meraki devices, please ensure that you have created each of the firewall rules listed on this page. If you have received one of these notifications and are uncertain of whether or not your firewall rules are up to date, please feel free to contact Meraki support for assistance. Meraki support can assist in identifying any devices which may have issues connecting to the new subnet.


I've received a notice about my firewall rules 

If you've received an email from us asking you to update your firewall rules, please take a moment and ensure that your firewall rules match those listed on the Help > Firewall info page in Dashboard. If you are using your own authentication server for splash pages, you may also need to check to ensure that its firewall accepts communications from the IP ranges listed on the Firewall info page. Once you've updated your firewalls to match the Firewall Info page, no further action is needed. An additional notification will be sent once we detect that your firewalls have been updated to accommodate our new subnet.

Warning: Failing to update any upstream firewalls to accommodate these new IP address ranges may limit the functionality of your Meraki Devices. Your Meraki Devices will continue to operate and pass traffic, however they may become unable to contact the Meraki Cloud to receive configuration updates and report usage information for your network. Additionally, splash pages which utilize customer-provided external authentication and other features, such as SNMP traps and CMX push, may not function properly.

Will this maintenance require any downtime? 

It is very unlikely that this maintenance will require downtime. Much of the maintenance is being performed in such a way that does not require temporarily disabling access to the Meraki Dashboard or any other part of the Meraki Cloud. 

In the event that a brief period of downtime is necessary, or we are performing maintenance that may result in an unexpected loss of connectivity to the Meraki Cloud, a maintenance notice similar to the one displayed below will be posted prior to the maintenance to notify you that there may be a brief disruption in access to the Meraki Dashboard. As always, your Meraki Devices will continue to function and pass traffic, even if their connection to the Meraki Cloud is temporarily disrupted.

To learn more about our Cloud and out-of-band management, refer to our related blog post. If you believe that you are experiencing issues with your devices contacting the Meraki Cloud, or you are unable to access the Meraki Dashboard outside of scheduled maintenance windows, please contact Meraki support for assistance.

How will I know when this maintenance is complete? 

As this maintenance will be ongoing over a period of several months and much of it is happening behind the scenes, we will be unable to send notifications when maintenance for specific customers has been completed. Once the maintenance has been completed your Meraki Devices will begin communicating with the Meraki Cloud using the subnet and several of the previously utilized subnets will be removed from the Firewall info page within Dashboard. Once rules or subnets have been removed from the Firewall info page, you may remove them from your firewall rules as they are no longer needed.

Note: Meraki Support is not able to provide specific dates during which this maintenance will occur. Please do not contact Meraki Support to request specific maintenance timelines. In the event that we are performing maintenance that may result in a disruption to the Meraki Cloud, a maintenance notice will be posted in advance above all pages within the Meraki Dashboard.

Additional questions 

If you have additional questions or concerns about this maintenance, please Contact Meraki Support for assistance. 

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