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Recovering a Missing or Stolen Device

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If your Cisco Meraki device is missing and you believe it to be stolen, there are several actions you can take to protect your information and possibly determine the location of your device. 

  • Because the device is registered under your account in Meraki Dashboard, nobody else will be able to use it. The device will remain a part of your network in Dashboard, and attempts to register it with another account will be denied. It will keep using the settings for which you have it configured.
  • You can track the device yourself if it ever connects to the Internet again. The "Public IP" field on the device status page (Wireless > Access Points, Switch > Switches, or Security & SD-WAN/Teleworker Gateway > Appliance Status) shows the IP address from which the device is connecting to the Internet, so it may be possible for you to run a traceroute and get a rough idea of where the stolen device is connecting from. If you believe it is stolen, you can provide that IP address to law enforcement officers to assist in the recovery of your device. 
  • If you think the device is stolen, you might consider creating a new network or Dashboard organization named "Stolen devices" and moving this device there. In the case of a stolen access point, you could name the SSID on that network as "This AP is stolen, call XXX-XXX-XXXX for a reward." If someone plugs it in, there is a chance that someone may notice your SSID and call.
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