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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Cisco Secure Connect - Connecting Sites

Easily connect your branch sites to Cisco Secure Connect with the built-in native Meraki SD-WAN integration for access to the internet, SaaS, and private applications. Leveraging the auto VPN capability of your Meraki Secure SD-WAN appliance at your branch sites for connectivity to the SASE fabric provides increased resiliency and intelligent path selection. This also enables the organization to implement consistent access and security controls across all connected sites. 

Network interconnect provides intelligent routing between sources and destinations connected to Secure Connect. Any node connected to the interconnect seamlessly gains access to any already-connected node pending access policy-enforced in a hybrid way across the edge and the cloud fabric. This drastically reduces network complexity, providing a highly available network fabric with minimal setup and maintenance. 

  • Meraki® SD-WAN direct connection to Secure Connect fabric with ​Auto VPN for resiliency and​ intelligent path selection​
  • Advanced security capabilities for branch sites ​

  • Private applications accessible by remote users within the ​SD-WAN fabric​

  • Easy addition and removal of sites from Secure Connect​