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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Customers with both Meraki and Umbrella Organizations

Link Your Cisco Meraki to Umbrella Accounts

Cisco Secure Connect Welcome Email

After Cisco provisions your Cisco Secure Connect account, you will receive a welcome email from Cisco.  Since you have both Cisco Meraki and Umbrella accounts you will only need to do step 3 to link your Meraki and Umbrella accounts.  Linking the accounts enables Single Sign-on and simplifies the navigation between the Secure Connect and Umbrella dashboards.



Go to the Connect Page

In the Welcome email, go to step 3 and click Link Secure Connect to Umbrella.

SC Welcome Letter - Cleaned.png

Use your Meraki credentials to login. You will be directed to Secure Connect account linking page.

6. Meraki Login Page.png

Click on Connect this Meraki account.

10. Connect API page.png

Create Umbrella API Keys

Click create Umbrella API keys, it will open a new tab and direct you to the Umbrella API Keys page. (It is important that you open a new tab or window because you will need to copy and paste API keys and secrets from the Umbrella page to the Secure Connect page.)

7. Umbrella Network Devices Credentials.png

Login using your Umbrella credentials.

8. UMB login page-new.png

9. API keys page.png

Generate Umbrella Token

Under Admin > API Keys, select Legacy Keys, expand Umbrella Network Devices and click Generate Token.

(Notice: Don’t forget to copy & paste your Key and Secret because for security reasons, your secret will only be displayed once) 

10. Generate Network device key in UMB - 0.png

11. Generate Network device key in UMB - 1.png

Copy the Umbrella Network Devices Key and Secret to Secure Connect page, click Check and Continue

12. Generate Network device key in UMB - 2-new.png

Repeat above steps to finish Umbrella Reporting Credentials and Umbrella Management Credentials

13. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 0.png

14. Generate Umbrella Reporting Credentialsin - 1.png

15. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 0.png

16. Generate Umbrella Management Credentials - 1.png

Click Finish. You have now successfully provisioned your Secure Connect and can begin configuring the service.  

17. API Keys done.png

18. SC Opening Page.png


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